Polopique - Comércio e Industria de Confeções de S.A.
Rua da Baiona 142 4795-784 Vilarinho Santo Tirso, Portugal
+351 253 480 100 / +351 253 479 060 polopique@polopique.pt
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A business of generations
As a result of the initiative of its founders, Luís and Filipa Guimarães, Polopique was established in 1996 to develop the activity of garmenting and commercialization of clothing articles. The textile industry has always been present in previous generations of the couple's family, which has consolidated this desire to create the Polopique project and certainly contributed to its success.

Grupo Polopique
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Our identity
From raw cotton to ready-to-wear garments with innovation and creativity
The Group's growth strategy was adopted through the vertical integration of its production cycle into the industry's value chain. Today, in its segment, it is one of the few complete vertical units in the world, controlling spinning, weaving, garmenting, R&D, innovation and design.
Grupo Polopique
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Os valores com que cosemos tudo
A nossa Família, da local à Portuguesa. A Texagility com que antecipamos e entregamos hoje a moda do amanhã. A comunidade, acreditamos que a estética social e económica é para todos.

Entrepreneurship and continuous search for innovation
All the companies in the Polopique universe are equipped with the latest technology, allowing optimizing processes, improving the quality of manufactured products, being able to respond quickly to customer requests with the best productive efficiency, as well as the continuous improvement of the working conditions of all Its employees and contributing to the social and environmental responsibility, that are the pillars of our mission.
Polopique is a company with environmental, ecological and social concerns. In this sense it has an ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL POLICY e and is governed by a CONDUCT CODE.