Polopique - Comércio e Industria de Confeções de S.A.
Rua da Baiona 142 4795-784 Vilarinho Santo Tirso, Portugal
+351 253 480 100 / +351 253 479 060 polopique@polopique.pt
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Our brand fiber.

We are an industry of possibilities, where every day we plant, design, spin, weave and produce tomorrow’s fashion.

We do it with the wisdom of many hands, and we interweave this knowledge with the most advanced technological solutions, manufactured by the machines of our dreams.

We are not just machines, we are people.

We are creative, agile and fast.

We create for the best brands in the world, and in the world we want to leave a mark of social, environmental and economic sustainability.

We are vertical in the production cycle, in both commitment and attitude.

From land to hand. From knowledge to technology. From Portugal to the world.

This is how we grow and we want to continue growing.

We prefer to anticipate: today we are here, but tomorrow we can be anywhere. Awake and always proud of Portugal.

Polopiqué. Creative Texagility

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What we are point by point.

FAMILY, at a local level and as a community.

TEXAGILITY, with which we anticipate and deliver tomorrow’s fashion today.

COMMUNITY, because we believe in social and economic ethics for all.

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Entrepreneurship and continuous search for innovation
All the companies in the Polopique universe are equipped with the latest technology, allowing optimizing processes, improving the quality of manufactured products, being able to respond quickly to customer requests with the best productive efficiency, as well as the continuous improvement of the working conditions of all Its employees and contributing to the social and environmental responsibility, that are the pillars of our mission.
Polopique is a company with environmental, ecological and social concerns. We consider ethical issues to be pillars of our work, not only as economic agents, but also as members of a community and society in general.