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Generations history
The textile industry is an industry of passion, of family heritage and of knowledge that passes from father to son, from generation to generation. In 2011, we incorporated Teviz in the Polopique Group, a company of the founders' family that, thanks to its history, charisma, renowned fabric quality and extensive experience in the textile industry, has become our Teviz by Polopique brand. The history of Teviz began in 1935, the year of its foundation. It was born of a dream of a man, a dream made of knowledge and tradition that continues to pass from generation to generation.

Teviz by Polopique
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With more than 80 years our brand Teviz by Polopique translates the experience in the textile industry and is today a brand of world reference. It was a pioneer in organic cotton articles, distinguishing itself by its articles 100% cotton, namely, in the production of flannels. Today we stand out for the versatility of fabrics in the most varied compositions and constructions, and we are proud to be present in the collections of prestigious brands recognized worldwide.

Teviz by Polopique
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Our Flannels
The luxurious Teviz flannels are created by master weavers in the north of Portugal which with their experience, carefully card our fabrics giving them an unique touch. The decades of weaving experience result in a perfect card that continues to look great even after many washes. Our flannels are wanted by the most recognized brands in the world given their quality resistance to time.